Learned Japanese language and launched successful writing career in Japan

Led media relations for one of the largest state health departments in the United States.

Spearheaded redesign of conservation newsletter into an visually engaging and revenue-generating news magazine format.

Served as technical volume lead for a contract-winning $600 million logistics proposal.


My professional life has been defined by exploration, challenge, and tenacity, always with a focus on quality and customer value.

2000 to Present – Washington, DC
After arriving in the city, I joined the non-profit Conservation International, spearheading an editorial and design overhaul of their news publication and annual report, and helping to transform them into more visually engaging, reader-friendly, and income-generating publications. I later supported business development initiatives for Perot Systems, a large DC-based IT services contractor, contributing to critical technical and management volumes for winning proposals. I currently work as a consultant supporting major contractors, non-profits, and government clients.

1992 to 2000 – Hawaii
Prior to moving to DC, I headed up the Communications Office of Hawaii’s large state health department, successfully coordinating media outreach with the Health Director and Governor and holding regular press conferences to raise awareness of public health initiatives and issues in Hawaii. When I arrived in Hawaii, my first stop was the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), a $200 million trust established to support the native Hawaiian community. There I managed and contributed to OHA’s monthly news publication while launching the trust’s first website.

1987 to 1992 – Japan
I moved to Japan after graduating and began freelancing for newspaper and magazine publications based in Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe. Subject areas included social, cultural, economic issues of the day, and travel. This required learning the Japanese language and navigating a complicated, often closed society. Photographs often accompanied submitted articles and were published alongside articles.

To 1987
Life started in a small town of Umuahia, Nigeria, moved through Europe and Jamaica before landing in Toronto. I graduated from McGill University in Montreal in 1987 with a degree in Political Science.