Huntsville, Alabama

Forbes Magazine published a story recently naming Huntsville, Alabama as one of the best places to ride the current current economic downturn. Why, exactly, is classified, but if you don’t mind the politics, I say come on down.

Huntsville isn’t exactly what you expect after you review Alabama census data. It’s not too far physically from Birmingham or Montgomery or Selma but light years in terms of stereotypes generally associated with the south. I’m told Huntsville has among the highest number of PhDs (primarily engineering) per capita in the United States. It started after the Second World War when the U.S., obviously letting bygones be bygones, shipped a number of Nazi rocket scientists to Huntsville to further develop the technology. Some moon shots, several hundred Shuttle trips around the planet, and a Cold War later, Huntsville still calls itself “rocket city.” There’s a model of the Saturn rocket somewhere near the center of town.

imageI guess you can try to take the town out of the south but you can’t take the south of the town. I ordered the smallest car possible at Enterprise rent-a-car and they gave me, for the same price, a Dodge Dakota pick up. This is useful as it allows me to cart my laptop and several hogs around town. Last night I went over to a local restaurant and enjoyed a few black beans and half a cow’s rib cage. Virtually everything I’ve eaten since I’ve arrived has involved grits and barbecue.

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