Sao Paulo on foot

The historic district of Sao Paulo is a great place to walk around, at least during the day. It outdoes any place I’ve visited in Europe in the number of parks and pedestrian-only boulevards. That and the fact that it’s 15 degrees and overcast, and all the cars run on sugar, makes walking around the city something you can do for several hours without expiring. Where there’s a problem is the fact that such places are choice spots for the homeless. They also make not bad public toilets. So while the walking is enjoyable all the goods seats are filled with homeless and some stretches smell like the second as latrines.

imageOn the positive they also attract an assortment of attention seekers which make New York or Barcelona seem downright sterile. The first I came across looked Pentecostal and by the time the fire and brimstone charade came to an end the preacher had the gathered crowd down on their knees seeking redemption. Another group I came across was either seeking justice or selling zerox services, regardless, they were causing quite a stir. I also ran into one of the ubiquitous human statues that appear on pedestrian boulevards in large cities. For about five minutes I thought I was looking at a stone statue until he blinked.

Other boulevard sights are the Brazilian women, who somehow, even in gray Sao Paulo manage to let out a South Beach sirens call that may be a factor in the 80,000 auto-related fatalities that Brazil records every year. To qualify that, at 15 degree and overcast Sao Paulo is basically Stockholm. It’s got to be 20 degrees and sunny for the midriff comes out.

Posted by patrickj on 06/28 at 10:46 AM
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