Vento Sul

imageFlavio and Umberto met me at the Vento Sul. Flavio appeared to be a younger member of the family that ran the pousada. He had been given the unenviable task of keeping an eye on the place in the off season which meant, as far as I could tell, sitting around at the Pousada reception area and interacting with Brazilian girls on Adult Friend Finder. But more on that later. Umberto was the help, a fine bartender, and based on his social network and understated charms, I believe the future mayor of Ilha Bela. Again, more on that later.

Flavio spoke not bad English and seemed anxious to make sure I had a good time on Ilha Bela. This wasn’t as easy as it sounded with many restaurants closed for the winter and temperatures running around 20 degrees with a lot of cloud cover. I was not all that demanding. I needed a place to plug in my laptop and Internet access to send off my articles and invoice. Power I got from the Pousada pool bar; access from the reception which Flavio provided after my wireless setup could not effectively shake hands with his set up. The only drawback to this is I continuously had to contend with the myriad women Flavio was interacting with who were shooting him e-mails by the minute, their faces popping up on the screen like hand puppets.

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