Paraty pictures

imageThe good times in Paraty ended today with the arrival of a literary festival. The 150 Paraty pousadas and apparently every inn in the surrounding 20 miles is booked and I had to move on. This wasn’t before I gave an interview to Globo, one of the main Rio televisions stations, on my thoughts on the upcoming festival. I had been walking around town taking pictures when I came across a TV crew setting up to report on the festival. I figured people who spent their lives sticking cameras in people’s faces wouldn’t mind me doing the same. I think to extract revenge the first person they approached for an interview was me. I think I said all the right things—Paraty is great, the festival is a wonderful idea, blah blah blah. I don’t know if they used the clip or not but I did come across the tale end of the news story when I was in a restaurant stop busing to another town.

Posted by patrickj on 07/03 at 01:19 PM
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