My first stop after arriving in Sao Paulo is Paraty (pronounced Parachi), located on the coast about 200 km southwest of Rio de Janeiro. Paraty predates Rio in terms of importance but was stripped of any significance after a road was built through to Rio and diverted all mineral (primarily gold) traffic. City planners have intelligently preserved the old colonial core but have made efforts to keep the town relevant and modern, hosting regular festivals and encouraging a fairly robust modern art scene. One of these festivals eventually drove me out of town, but more on that later.

imageI’m staying in a small “pousada” (basically an inn with better breakfast) just outside of the old city. I don’t have any place to work in the room but the staff has allowed me to use its restaurant’s tables. I also have access to tables surrounding its garden pool. I’m now working on a project that would pay Tanzanian farmers not to farm certain areas between large parks in order to enable ecological “connectivity” between the parks. I don’t know if I’m necessarily a fan of paying farmers not to work but apparently project planners had already thought that one through.

To communicate with the rest of the world I’ve turned to this beat up Internet cafe near my pousada where, for a couple dollars an hour I can shoot off e-mails. I’m carrying around my laptop so I can do the bulk of my work wherever I have power. My schedule has me working in the mornings and evenings and exploring the area during the main part of the day.

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