Financial soul searching

Interesting about this financial tailspin is that it’s forced so many of free marketeers to take a hard look at the greed fest they’ve been having for 25 years, and how little it’s really benefited the average joe. Self regulation, that’s a bit like telling a city it doesn’t need a police force because, well, we’re not going to go around killing and robbing each other. It might be hard for Wall Street live without its hyper leveraged lifestyle but it will probably be good for the rest of the country where the freer marker has meant a lot more debt than income. And I don’t even disagree with all of what Reagan did. But you let the kids loose in the candy store without supervision sooner or later their teeth are going to rot. Ignore them for too long and you have to start amputating. That much said, wait for the Dow to get down to about 7000 then buy, buy, buy!

Posted by patrickj on 10/10 at 05:36 PM
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