Keep it Italian

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the Tuscan town of Lucca is banning any additional non-Italian restaurants (read no more Chinese or Middle Eastern) in its old city. Town leaders argue the move is an attempt to maintain the cultural purity of the local cuisine. I’m betting there’s something more behind this inspiration other than the “gastronomic racism” identified in the article. The Agriculture ministry has come out in support of the ban and I can’t imagine the tourism industry is opposed. Why would they? If you’re going to fork over a few k to travel to the Tuscan countryside you’re not there to eat kebabs or Cantonese. There’s plenty of that at home, at least in my neck of the woods.

It’s an ironic twist on the French attempt to keep McDonalds off Parisian street as even new French restaurants would be banned. I say good riddance. On the cobblestones of ancient Tuscany I want it to look, smell, and taste like Italy.

Posted by patrickj on 02/24 at 11:38 AM
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