Backyard bombers

Flea markets, day care, and bake sales are out; rodent control and terrorists are in.

After going mildly ballastic last week over the squirrel population in Del Ray, my friendly neighborhood listserv took on Gitmo terrorists this week.

Why the sudden interest? An idea being tossed around is that some of the Gitmo terrorists could be housed at the Federal Courthouse in Alexandria, much as Zacarias Moussaoui was before being convicted and sent to prison for life.

It seems like neighbors were evenly split between the NIMBY crowd and those either who thought they were largely innocent and should have their day in Alexandria’s court. Personally, I’m all for them coming to town; it would shine a media spotlight on that catastrophe they call urban renewal around the courthouse. I think I liked the railway yard better. And it would certainly spice up life in this neglected corner of the beltway.

Probably the most interesting suggestion was to close down Gitmo and move all the prisoners to a penitentiary in Texas, preferably one in the Dallas area; most disappointing was the listserv moderator, who weighed in saying that this type of discussion was not appropriate for the listserv.

So, with that, I look forward to the next bake sale.

Posted by patrickj on 04/02 at 08:25 AM
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