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Sao Paulo Arrival (cont’d)

Sao Paulo is not a safe place. It’s much less safe at night. Think New York circa 1975 with about ten times the homeless population. Apparently car thefts (with drivers in them) have gotten so bad that they’ve passed a law saying it’s OK to run red lights and stop signs at night. So while my hotel was in the historic district it was no place to hang around with expensive camera equipment. The final river to cross after arriving and before I finally got some sleep was much as I expected. The reservation I made through apparently had not made it down to Sao Paulo. imageNot surprisingly the night staff’s command of English was pretty much non-existent and our conversation degenerated into a primal ritual of grunts and arm gestures. Fortunately, as I have learned in the past, Brazilians are an accommodating bunch and I did have a document from, so they gave me a key and sent me on my way. Frankly, I don’t think they could care less if I paid a cent (real) for the room just as long as wasn’t there anymore. The room they gave me was on the 12th floor of a 24 story building, the 25th floor being reserved for the Chalet Suisse restaurant.

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