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Articles span two decades and include material published in independent news outlets, and institutional publications such as organizational Web magazines and annual reports. For a more comprehensive list of written work and additional communications activities visit the archive.

imageKorea: Split in Japan

The Japan Times Weekly
“Mina Hayashi goes through each day like most Japanese girls, arriving at school at 8:30 A.M. and spending the next eight hours buried in books. Later she gets together with members of her club and manages a basketball team. At night, after finishing her homework, she might listen to her favorite pop singer Hideki Saijo, on her CD player or watch actress Miho Nakayama on TV. In fact, Hayashi would seem to be the archetypal Japanese girl, except for a few important differences. Her real name is Kim Min Hwa, she’s a North Korean citizen, and she spends most of the day in a chogori, the traditional Korean dress used as her North Korean school uniform”. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Interview with Okyeame Ampadu-Agyei
“… For a long time I have seen the bushmeat trade in Ghana as a kind of cancer. It is emptying our forests and threatening the health of our citizens. So when I was in Washington in 1999, I raised the issue. Combating the trade was soon identified as one of Ghana’s most urgent conservation priorities, and I set out to see what I could do about it”. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

imageTiny Bottles – What exactly is in those health drinks
Japan International Journal
“... The lists of ingredients on the on the pricier potions read like something out of a Kowloon pharmacy. Satoh’s Yunker Fanti, one of the most expensive brands on the market, contains more than 20 ingredients including viper, civit, and bezoar tincture. Chugai’s Rojelly has ginseng root … and Inyokaku, a dried Chinese herb”. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Islam in Japan
The Japan Times Weekly
“...The Islamic community in Japan can basically be divided into three groups: an established and well-to-do group of businessmen and diplomats; a small but stable number of Japanese Muslims; and an increasing number of workers, many here illegally but, given the acute labor shortage, urgently needed. Abdullah Siddiqi, a director at the Islamic Center in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo puts these numbers in perspective. ‘Ten years ago there were 5,000 foreign Muslims in this country. Now there are anywhere between 30,000 and 50,000 of them’”. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Ranchers help protect La Amistad Forest
“For decades the future of the Panamanian cloud forests of the Talamanca mountain range has been anything but certain.  In the 1960s, the government encouraged agriculture in the region and ranchers moved in. Two decades later, a burgeoning conservation movement resulted in their inclusion in the bi-national La Amistad International Park. In the 1990s, oversight waned and ranching pressures returned.” READ ENTIRE ARTICLE