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Archive: Independent News

Freelance Journalist – Japan, 1989 - 1992. Below are a sampling of articles I wrote as a freelance journalist in Japan. The majority of the publications are Japan-based, which I targeted because their liked editorial approach. The same was true of Sawasdee, Thai Air’s inflight magazine, which at the time was produced by some Brits out of Hong Kong. The Toronto Star is Canada’s largest newspaper and based in my home town; the Brantford Expositor was delivered daily to my late grandmother and based in the home town of Wayne Gretzky.

Korea: Split in Japan, Japan Times Weekly, December 5, 1992
Korean pastor parts sea of biases,Japan Times, September, 3, 1992
Shoot! It’s boxing made in Japan Japan Times Weekly, December 7, 1991
Islam in Japan, Japan Times Weekly, September 14, 1991
Chinatown Japanese Style, Sawasdee, February, 1991
Machines that go buzz in the night, Japan Times Weekly, July 7, 1990
Tokyo stores cash in ‘Megaton Christmas’,Toronto Star, December 18, 1989
Japanese don’t know very much about Canada, Toronto Star, September, 4, 1989

Tiny Bottles: What exactly is in those health drinks, Japan International Journal, October, 1992
Reputations in the Red: Debtors and Debt Collectors in Japan, Japan International Journal, June, 1992
Nordica Japan: Not All Downhill, Japan International Journal, February, 1992
Sales race ahead for foreign ski makers, Japan Times Weekly, December 7, 1991
Mail Order for PC Users, Tokyo PC Newsletter, September, 1990
Citibank: Breaking New Ground in the Japanese Banking World, Japan International Journal, August, 1991

Famed hideaway beats the heat,Japan Times, July 29, 1992
Canada’s largest metropolis quietly comes of age, Japan Times, May 13, 1992
An Alternative to Hakone, Tokyo RAG, March/ April 1992
The Canadian Solution, Brantford Expositor, March 21, 1992
Dawn of Happiness for Thailand Tourist, Japan Times, February 13, 1992
Malabar trading town enjoys its old age, Japan Times, May 4, 1992
Dawn dip in Ganges purifies the soul, Japan Times, November, 4, 1991
A trip on the Ganges, Brantford Expositor, November 2, 1991
Devout, simply curious still flock to Osho’s Poona, Japan Times
Old European influence still strong in India’s Goa, Japan Times,  August 11, 1991
A passage through India by boat, Japan Times
Sensuous gardens of Suzhou, Japan Times, June 19, 1991
Puerto Galera, Philippines, Brantford Expositor, June 16, 1991
Bicycling facilitates travel in Beijing, Japan Times, December 19, 1990
The Great Wall, Brantford Expositor, November 17, 1990
Finding a beautiful beach in China, Japan Times, November 7, 1990
Japan, Brantford Expositor, February 24, 1990
Kamakura, Treasures of an eventful past, Sawasdee, June, 1990