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Archive: Conservation International, Frontlines 2004-2003

Conservation Frontlines - Summer 2004
• Peter Seligmann: Tribute to Chuck Hedlund
• Deep-sea treasure found in Abrolhos Bank
• Sacred sites initiative revive Tibetan past
• Suriname reserve gets an ecotourism upgrade
• Tourists tagged to support elephant collaring
• Debt swap heralds protection for Colombia’s biological riches
• William Overal: Putting butterflies to work in the Amazon
• Weathering climate change
• Corridor project portends hope for war-torn Congo
• Alliance targets threats to forest ecosystems
• “Treasures Without Borders” reaches millions in Peru and Bolivia
• Awareness campaign targets young Ghanaians
• Study finds hundreds of unprotected threatened species
• Sojourners experience Botswana’s less traveled side

Conservation Frontlines - Spring 2004
• Russell Mittermeier: The promise of ecotourism
• Video campaign bolsters bi-national corridor
• Caucus gets close-up view of Madagascar hotspot
• Costa Rican initiative safeguards Pacific shores
• Sumatran tragedy a wake-up call to protect natural resources
• Jennifer McCullough: Ghana journal
• A road less traveled: Successful small-scale projects have demonstrated that ecotourism can work – now CI is raising the stakes
• Cruise industry on board to tackle environmental impacts
• Lindsey Garbutt: Gladden Spit interview
• Green fund banks on biodiversity
• Climate change experts warn of impending extinction crisis
• Partners rally to save earth’s largest cat

Conservation Frontlines - Winter 2004image
• Peter Seligmann: Working with leaders of all stripes a conservation requisite
• Purchase protects rare temperate rain forest
• Cocoa stars in West African conservation strategy
• Madagascar commits to conserving 15 million acres
• Indonesia cancels logging concession on Siberut
• Expanded park anchors Philippines’ largest contiguous protected area
• Ana Liz Flores: Venezuela journal
• A race we can’t lose: Aggressive development in Brazilian Amazon galvanizes forces for sustainable alternatives
Indigenous reserves a force for conservation
• CI honor environmental scribes
• War-torn Liberia declares a conservation victory
• High-tech firefighting: Automated alerts benefit hotspots
• Leading thinkers discuss role of conservation in global stability

Conservation Frontlines - Fall 2003image
• Russell Mittermeier: Protected areas in the global spotlight
• CI backs creation of Cameroon mountain park
• Indonesia expands parks on most populated isle
• Brazil agreement encourages sound soy cultivation
• Madagascar refuge shelters smallest primate
• Parks: Creating a living legacy
• Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park: Creating a Philippines biodiversity oasis
• Global gap analysis: Leaving no species behind
• Mountains of Tumucumaque National Park: Setting a new conservation standard
• Conservation Corridors: Helping people and nature co-exist
• Otishi National Park: Rallying communities for conservation
• Central Suriname Nature Reserve: Building a future of sustainability
• La Amistad Biosphere Reserve: Conservation without borders
• Kayapo indigenous territories: Preserving ancestral lands
• Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve: Restoring the “Aquarium of the World”
• Fazenda Montes Claros: Sanctuary for a magnificent primate
• Central Cardamoms Protected Forest: Reprieve for a war-torn land
• Parks: Research shows they work
• Financing protected areas: Challenges and steps toward solutions

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