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Archive: Media Relations

Hawaii Department of Health – 1996 - 2000. The following is a sampling of articles published by Hawaii’s two major dailies as a result of coordinated media outreach I conducted while serving as Communications Director for the Hawaii Health Department. At the time Hawaii’s Health Department was the third largest in the country supporting programs that ranged from environmental health, to community hospitals. This is not a comprehensive list. I issued upwards of 500 press releases while at the Health Department and was regularly contacted and interviewed by local and national tv, radio, and print on myriad issues pertaining to the work of the department.

Booze sting snares 116 stores,
Honolulu Star Bulletin, May 22, 2000
Hawaii, leader in TB cases, to launch screening program,
Honolulu Star Bulletin, March 24, 2000
Experts offer reassuring views on proposed juvenile sex-offender center,
Honolulu Star Bulletin, March 17, 2000
DOH conducting survey of adolescents,
West Hawaii Today, March 5, 2000
Flu season may strike earlier: Bad strain strikes Hawaii two months sooner than usual,
Washington Times, 1998
Health department grants available for tobacco control activities,
Hawaii Tribune Herald, October 11, 1998
Hospital officials tout Pookela,
Honolulu Star Bulletin, October 9, 1998
DOH launches free breast and cervical cancer screening program,
Honolulu Advertiser, July 1, 1998
Needle exchange program lauded as preventive, cost-effective,
Honolulu Star Bulletin, February 13, 1998
Christmas tree recycling program is mulch work,
Honolulu Star Bulletin, January, 1998
Island stores are selling less tobacco to minors,
Honolulu Star Bulletin, August 12, 1997
A baby’s first test:  Newborns now are screened for 7 rare disorders,
Honolulu Advertiser, July 10, 1997,
Dr. Larry Miike: Higher cigarette tax a health measure,
Honolulu Advertiser, March 4, 1997
State issues hepatitis alert,
Honolulu Advertiser, November 16, 1996
Flu season is here,
Hawaii Filipino Chronicle, October 1, 1996
Rotting mangoes nauseating Navy,
Honolulu Advertiser, September, 25, 1996
State Hospital wins U.S. approval,
Honolulu Star Bulletin
Dr. Bruce Anderson: Island fluoridation is essential,
Honolulu Advertiser
Hawaii diabetics targeted for flu shots this season,
Honolulu Advertiser
State hails results of hepatitis B drive,
Honolulu Star Bulletin
State offers teens free hepatitis B shots,
Honolulu Advertiser
Hepatitis B project in high schools,
Honolulu Advertiser
High schools targeted to lower hepatitis B rate,
Honolulu Star Bulletin
Needle exchange saving money and saving lives,
Honolulu Advertiser
Hawaii anti-drug program praised,
Honolulu Star Bulletin
500 pupils tested for bacteria,
Honolulu Advertiser
Vaccine covers most types of flu,
Honolulu Advertiser
10 new salmonella cases confirmed,
Honolulu Advertiser
Health ombudsman helps make rules work,
Honolulu Advertiser
State monitoring air in Kapolei area,
Honolulu Advertiser
HPU’s bid to block program rejected,
Honolulu Advertiser
Health Department identifies places for family exercise,
Honolulu Advertiser
Dr. Lawrence Miike: HPU is coercing landlord to deny lease to Clubhouse,
Honolulu Advertiser
Water contamination found at Windward Community College (WCC) building,
Honolulu Advertiser
Tighter food rules account for ethnic cuisine,
Honolulu Advertiser
Big Island kids get mental health help
Honolulu Star Bulletin
Septic guide offered by Health Department