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Archive: Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) – Ka Wai Ola O OHA, 1992 - 1996. From the links below is a large sample of articles I wrote while supporting OHA;s monthly newspaper Ka Wai Ola O OHA. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs was established by the state to administer the distribution of ceded lands revenue to the native Hawaiian community. Ceded lands are lands formerly owned by Hawaii’s royalty before the overthrow of the monarchy in 1896 and now held in trust by the state. Hawaii’s constitution requires that revenue from those lands be used strictly for native Hawaiians, defined as being anyone with 50 percent Hawaiian blood or more.

The agency currently oversees a trust fund in excess of $200 million, which it uses to support a wide range of activities within the community. These include serving as an advocate for native Hawaiians in the state Legislature and Congress; supporting health, housing, legal, and cultural activities; and operating a grant and small business loan fund program. It also publishes Ka Wai Ola O OHA, which I joined as a writer/editor in 1993 and later managed. Articles are broken down by subject matter and year published. Scanned copies are available upon request.

Small Business  |  Culture/Education  |  Politics/Advocacy  |  Social/Health